Improve the reputation of your restaurant business online

5 important steps to improve the reputation of your restaurant business online.

According to statistics, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So monitoring your online reputation is very important.

If you think that you can just focus on good management and service, you will be very surprised. It is the companies that use the strategy of receiving reviews that are the leaders of ratings on review sites.

So, if the reputation of your business is important to you:

  1. Make sure your business profile is set up and filled out correctly on popular review sites. For cafes and restaurants, these are Google reviews and Tripadvisor. Include all the information your customers need, such as contact information, hours of operation, menus and your website. Specify the business category correctly, taking into account not only the specifics of the business, but also how customers will search for you. You need to do it right now to get more positive reviews online!
  2. Check where your business is being reviewed. Enter the name of the business and the word “feedback” in the search. Maybe there are sites you didn’t even know existed that already have a few reviews of your business. Complete your profile on these sites and follow the reviews there as well.
  3. Don’t forget about social media. Turn on permission to write and read reviews about your business on Facebook. But don’t stop there. Catch feedback in stories and save to Instagram Highlights. And it is easy to ask for such feedback on the Wi-Fi connection page. The number of such reviews will be greater if you offer the client something in return. Sometimes just post customer testimonials in a story.
  4. Always respond to reviews. It is important for you to show that customers are important to you. If you don’t have an employee to do this, at least respond to negative reviews. Google offers automation of answers, but it is very noticeable. There is no time – give this work to others. Select the Surge Social Platinum plan and our staff will monitor your reviews for you.
  5. Ask for feedback. Employees reminding customers and QR codes are good. But not as effective as the built-in feedback request automation in Surge Social’s Wi-Fi marketing platform. Our automation will not only help you get more reviews, but also help filter them so that only positive reviews get to the site you need.

Think of all the guests who connect to your Wi-Fi when they visit your establishment. What if you could ask each of them to provide feedback based on their experience?

Connect with the Surge Social Marketing Platform to improve your online reputation and get results. But this is only the beginning. Our platform will connect customers with your social networks, collect their contacts, remind them about events, bring back “lost” customers and just add style to your business.

And with the Surge Social Platinum tariff plan, you will receive full-fledged integrated marketing of your business.

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