How does Surge Social Wi-Fi Marketing Work?

The wifi landing page that visitors will see on their first visit.

Text, images, links – everything is set up according to your taste and the style of your establishment. Any of the stages can be removed, leaving only one page for entering contacts.

When connected, your guest can “Like” your Facebook page, this action will automatically subscribe him/her to the news of your page.

When connected, you can tell guests about a new dish or event that is expected in your establishment in the form of a video or image and text. You can also open your Instagram page for guests or simply leave a link to it.

And if your establishment has an application for a smartphone, our platform will help redirect the visitor when connected to your WiFi directly to the installation page of your application in the Apple Store / Google Play Store. Or, simply invite guests to join your community in any of the instant messengers.


How The Platform Works

Keep up with the times

Immediately after connecting to Wi-Fi, you can open a multilingual electronic menu from the Me.Menu service for your guests, which will help speed up service, reduce the cost of making a regular menu and improve service for foreign guests.

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Connection Page Editor

A simple and versatile editor will help you customize the connection page in the style of your institution and with your preferences.
How The Platform Works

Add real audiences to your GOOGLE ADS and FACEBOOK advertising campaigns

Collect user data with Facebook Pixel. Create a pixel and just add it to the download page. Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to track user activity that can be integrated with Google Analytics. Add your GTM to the connection page to create exactly your audience for broadcasting advertising on the Internet.
How The Platform Works


You can see all collected contacts in the "Contacts" tab In it, you have the opportunity to sort guests by various parameters. See how many times a particular visitor has been to your establishment and how much time he spent there. You can also send an advertising message to selected or all guests directly from the control panel or export contacts with one click of a button to a file and add them to your favorite CRM.
How The Platform Works


Our system doesn’t stop at collecting your visitors’ contacts. You can set up and prepare a message once, and our system sends them to your guests under various conditions: directly when connected to the Internet or with a slight delay after shutdown with a delay in case the client does not return for a long time  before birthday messages can be sent  only at the first visit at each visit or after a certain number of visits (for example, for 10 visits, you can thank the guest and give them a small gift
How The Platform Works

Real-time analytics

On the dashboard, you can see real-time analytics. The number of visits for certain periods of time, connected in real time by guests, see how many new guests and how many are permanent.
How The Platform Works

More detailed analytics in the “Reports” and “Graph” tabs.

How The Platform Works

CRM systems, services, and programs that can be integrated with our system

Webhooks allows you to integrate with any CRM system.
How The Platform Works

Timeline of various campaigns

You have the option to create multiple pages for connecting to your Wi-Fi. Let's say in the morning you tell the front page about the new breakfast options, and in the evening about the new signature main course. Or you can change pages depending on the day of the week. The pages will automatically change according to the schedule you set.