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A complete HoReCa Marketing solution from €65 per month

Is marketing important in the HoReCa business?


Good service, delicious food and atmosphere are very important. And the goal of marketing is to convey this to new customers and remind existing ones.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

We create a marketing plan based on your REAL guests, not web clicks or social media likes.

Surge Social Platinum is designed to maximize your Marketing return by creating a marketing audience similar to your existing guests. That means potential guests with similar interests and preferences to your current guests.

You have heard the saying, Birds of a Feather Flock Together, this is the same in the Horeca industry. Similar types of people like Similar things. So, building a marketing strategy around your existing guests makes total sense.

Breathe life into your business

How we work

Informing visitors about the business
We use a platform for Wi-Fi marketing in combination with modern tools for creating audiences for advertising. Information about your business will be presented to those who are interested in it.
Expansion of the circle of visitors
We work out all aspects of attracting customers. Such as increasing the number and quality of reviews, advertising and attracting new guests from the Internet and social networks, attracting customers from the street and even "word of mouth"
Social networks
We advise or completely maintain pages in social networks. Our team specializes in managing social media pages of the HoReCa business.
Reduced costs for targeted advertising
We work specifically with your audience, which allows us to significantly reduce the costs of targeted advertising.
Customer retention and correction of deficiencies in work
We don't let your customers forget about your business. And we also solve problems with customers who are dissatisfied with something.
Increase in income from the client
Using various communication channels, we conduct advertising campaigns that allow us to increase the average check.

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How we work