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Promotions and events to attract guests in restaurants and cafes.

When to hold promotions in restaurants and cafes?

Many businesses in the HoReCa segment hold promotions to attract guests and increase sales. Promotions and discounts cannot be permanent and the business should not rely only on them. Of course, there are exceptions, restaurants in which events and promotions are part of their concept. So when to hold promotions and events and when are they necessary?

  1. Upon opening. The goal is to attract attention and create a customer base. Also, certain types of promotions will help you get reviews that will increase your presence on the Internet.
  2. A quiet period. Almost any restaurant business faces a seasonal decrease in income. Promotions and events will help to survive this time more easily.
  3. New menu and rebranding. Making changes is necessary for the long-term existence of the business and the loss of customers cannot be avoided. Promotions will help to retain and replenish the base of regular guests.
  4. Increased competition. Opening a restaurant in the neighborhood or opening an establishment with a similar concept in your city/area. Conducting promotions and events will help not to lose revenue and retain your customers.

8 Ideas for promotions and events to attract guests in restaurants and cafes.

  1. Promotion X+1. Works very well with popular dishes. It is better not to use a similar promotion with new or expensive items, this will reduce their value for guests.
  2. Tasting. A great event to promote new products or to win over competitors’ customers. Using the Surge Social platform, it’s easy to let your guests know.
  3. Happy hours. A discount on a menu or a certain category. Ideal to attract more customers for breakfast or lunch.
  4. Comprehensive offer. For example, a business lunch, several options at a fixed price and with variations. Just like Happy Hours, it will help attract guests during quiet hours.
  5. Discount coupon. Must be limited in time. A great gift for those who have visited you for the first time or customers who have forgotten about you. And the Surge Social platform will identify such guests and send them a coupon.
  6. A gift for a story/post/feedback. Offer a gift or discount for a social media mention or review of your restaurant. This is a great investment in unobtrusive advertising.
  7. A holiday offer. For example, a special holiday-themed drink or snack. Do not forget that there are many holidays in the calendar, it is not necessarily only Valentine’s Day or Halloween.
  8. Master classes, musical or humorous evenings. In some restaurants, this may be something common, but for some, it can be a solution to problems with attendance.

The Surge Social marketing platform will help inform your guests about all the promotions and events, and make them more productive.

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