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The challenges of SMM

SMM problems of an offline business marketer

You’re a marketing manager for a group of restaurants and cafes. Your main focus is SMM and market them on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Lately, you have been contemplating advertising on TikTok as well.

In addition to these online advertising platforms, you also want to direct market to guests of all of your establishments. To do this, you have asked staff to ask clients to fill out a form requesting their contact details. Which has not been working so well, as guests don’t see the benefit of doing this.

Now, the challenge is to have your Facebook/Instagram, Google and TikTok advertising to be seen by your guests and people who are similar to them. In addition, you know that direct marketing to existing and elapsed guests is the most profitable form of marketing. But how do you do this?

Surge Social has the solution! Our platform is able to connect guests with Facebook Pixel, Google Tags with TikTok Trackers added. It is also able to collect email addresses, phone numbers and other details about your guests.

In addition to this, you can setup automated emails and SMS messages to collect reviews, announce promotions and wish guests a happy birthday. All this is done by our built-in CRM collecting contact details, length and number of visits and any other information you would like to collect about your guests. Can you imagine what SMM campaigns you can create with this sort of information?

Our brilliant team at Surge Social will help you setup our platform to best suit your requirement and give you access to data that you have never had before!

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