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Improve your Tripadvisor rankings

Tripadvisor – Why you need to pay attention to it

Most hospitality businesses have heard of Tripadvisor and most are aware of their listing there. But did you know that your business can be listed on Tripadvisor without your approval? Take the time today to check your listing and read below how to improve it.

Tripadvisor is a mobile friendly app that enables people to see reviews and impressions of Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and even tours and experiences. With this in mind, it is in your best interest to pay attention to your listing and keep it up to date. Make sure you have recent photos and up to date menus and pricing can really help the first impression you make on a client.

Why improve your Tripadvisor ranking

If a client is new to an area or feels like a change to their normal routine, most of them will use some sort of an internet search to find a new experience. 84% of people believe that online reviews hold the same value as a personal recommendation. Being ranked higher on Tripadvisor will organically promote your business in a favorable way. Remember, Tripadvisor is a tool you can use to market your business for free!

How does Tripadvisor rank its listings?

Tripadvisor’s ranking formula looks at three elements to determine where you’ll land on the list. These include the quantity, recency and quality of your reviews. When calculating your rating, Tripadvisor Popularity Ranking also factors in the consistency of incoming reviews.

There are 3 key factors to improving your rankings on Tripadvisor. They are Quantity of reviews, Quality of reviews and Recency of reviews. Addressing these will organically improve your ranking.

How to get more reviews?

The best way to get more reviews is to ask for them! Seems simple, doesn’t it? The challenge is actually doing it. Sometimes staff are so busy, they forget to ask. A simple sign asking for reviews can often be missed by guests. And, is it really the best time to ask a guest for a review while they are still enjoying their experience?

Using an automated review request platform can greatly increase your reviews.

How to automate your reviews with Surge Social!

With Surge Social’s built in Automations platform, it is simple to create engaging and easy to use request reviews.

You can set the “Triggers” for the automations to activate after a certain amount of time after the guest leaves. They can also be set up to activate after a certain number of visits. You can choose to send email requests or SMS requests or both at different times.

Once you choose when to “Trigger” your automation, you can choose how to create it. We have email and SMS applications available to create your requests in. Also, there are ready made templates for email requests as well.

In less then 30 minutes, you will have email and SMS requests for Tripadvisor reviews setup and working for you, thanks to Surge Social. To get started, simply choose our “Essential ” TARIFF here or contact one of our Customer Success Managers in your country today!

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