View Analytics

See what’s going on with your WiFi at a glance or view detailed reports and customer data.

With any of the customer analytic pages, you can change the date range for the data being displayed by clicking in the upper right hand corner.

The Dashboard gives you a brief overview of the last 30 days by default.

1. Click on Dashboard on left menu in Portal

2. Displays an overview of total logins, login method, and new/returning users

2.  View Analytics

The Contacts page provides more information on individual guests such as device, session time, and data used.

1. Click on Contacts on left menu in Portal

2. Displays a detailed breakdown of guest WiFi users including visits, session time, and upload/download data

2.  View Analytics

The Reports page provides a graphical representation of logins by type per day (e.g. Facebook, email, Instagram, etc).

1. Click on Reports on left menu in Portal

2. Displays a chart of logins per day with option to export data to CSV or PDF

2.  View Analytics

The Timeline page allows you to see guest logins on a timeline view.

1. Click on Timeline on left menu in Portal

2. Displays a running timeline of logins. Clicking on the Social User Profile button shows additional information about the user.

2.  View Analytics

Now that you can see who is logging in to your WiFi and how often, you can run more effective marketing campaigns!  Ready to set up some automations that will really help drive repeat business?