How to add a Facebook Like Box

In the following tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a Facebook Like box to your Campaign login process. This will appear after a customer has signed in through one of your chosen login methods and before the Redirect.

Please note that Facebook API banned the practice of “Like-gates” years ago, so our system cannot require users to Like your Facebook page.  However, we can present a simple and straightforward way for your customers to Like your business while on their way to the internet.

1. Click the Dashboard tab on left menu in the Portal

2. Click Edit button above the Campaign preview

3. Click the Thank You tab, click on the Like Box button, and enter your business Facebook page.

4. Click the Save Campaign button

5.1. How to Add a Facebook like Box

Also know that you can use any of the other options shown in conjunction with the Like Box (text, image, HTML code).  Customize to your heart’s content!