9 Rules for promoting the restaurant on social networks

  1. Profile design. Be sure to indicate in the header contact details, address, working hours, and in the eternal stories everything that can give more information about the institution – menu, promotions, interior, etc.
  2. Regularity. Like any account on social networks, the restaurant account needs regularity. This does not mean that you need to post several posts every day. 3-4 posts a week is enough, but if you have a lot of ideas and a variety of content – you can do it more often.
  3. Using video. At the moment, video is the most popular content on social networks. According to Facebook, 15 of the 20 most viewed posts of the platform in the first quarter of 2022 were videos.
  4. Diversity. Use a variety of content. The restaurant account should not only advertise itself, so the audience cannot be retained. Alternate advertising, engaging, entertaining and informational content. 
  5. Interaction. Interact with subscribers by responding to their comments and messages. Do this regularly – then your social media channels will become a forum for discussion and service. Use social media to collect feedback, with which you can improve the performance of your restaurant.
  6. Word of mouth. Use visitors to promote your business. Offer a discount or gift for a post or page with a mention of your institution. As an option, the use of influencers from social networks.
  7. Targeting. Use Meta pixel and tracking codes of other social networks to target advertising. When setting up an audience for your target, select the audiences and similar audiences that have collected codes from your site or Wi-Fi connection page. Then your ad will be seen by those who are interested in it, which will make it cost-effective. With Surge Social, installing tracking codes on your guest Wi-Fi is very easy.
  8. Draws and contests. Choose the right prize: a free dinner, a certificate for a certain amount, an exclusive master class from the chef, etc. The prize should be of interest to those who can visit your establishment. In return, ask them to repost your story with a mention of your account, a comment mentioning friends, a follow, and a like.
  9. Guests. The restaurant is a place where people come not only for food but also for the atmosphere. Photos of happy guests are your competitive advantage. Of course, you need to make sure that guests agree to be published.

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