What Is Direct Marketing

What Is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a type of advertising campaign that seeks to achieve a specific action in a predefined group of consumers (such as an event, Day of the week visit, or a request for information) in response to a communication action done by the marketer. This communication can take many different formats, such as SMS, telemarketing, point of sale, etc. One of the most interesting methods is direct email marketing.

An essential aspect of direct marketing is that the consumer response is measurable: for example, if you offer a discount for a certain dish on your menu, you should include some kind of tag or pixel to let you know if the user has used the code.

Benefits of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing allows you to promote your product or service directly to your target audience and measure results quickly, but the benefits don’t stop there. Here are 6 benefits of digital direct marketing:

  1. High segmentation and targeting. One of the great advantages of this type of marketing is that you can reach your specific audience segments with personalized messages. If you want to succeed, you should research and investigate to identify your core market and then focus your marketing activities in these areas.
  2. Optimize your marketing budget. Addressing online direct marketing to a specific audience allows you to save money and time on a tight budget. If you properly optimize your direct campaign, you will achieve results with only a small percentage of the cost of traditional advertising.
  3. Increase your sales with current and former clients. Direct marketing lets you communicate with your current customers to keep the relationship alive while bringing attention to your current promotions and activities. It also allows you to get back in touch with old customers and generate new sales opportunities.
  4. Upgrade your loyalty strategies. Direct contact with your customers allows you to customize your promotions and offers to create an instant reward for them. To maximize results, you can combine your direct marketing methods with your loyalty program.
  5. Create new business opportunities. Direct marketing allows you to quickly change your strategies at all times and respond more effectively when things change.
  6. Tests and analyses the results. Direct response campaigns give you the opportunity to directly measure your results. Take the opportunity to squeeze the most out of your tests and make educated decisions regarding your results.

Surge Social provides you an inexpensive automated platform to be able to collect contact details of your clients, identify their demographics and automate direct marketing to match their profiles. 

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  1. It sure was helpful when you said that direct marketing could increase your sales with your former and current clients. As you said, it could help a company to keep the relationship with their customers alive while bringing attention to your current promotions and activities. This is something that business owners must consider in order to reach more customers and keep their profits stable. I could imagine how direct marketing could provide the best possible help for a company to generate more sales.

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