Trends of WiFi marketing 2021

Your reputation online or offline can literally create or break your  business. The platform for Wi-Fi marketing can significantly increase the number and increase the evaluation of feedback on your chosen resources! This is probably the most effective automated option for offline business. How does it work? See here: CLICK

In our dynamic and competitive market, it is more important than ever to attract customers to our doors  and not let them go. The Surge Social automated messaging system will guide each of your visitors from the first visit, keeping in touch until he or she becomes your regular visitor. And will keep a close eye on those who decide to leave you.

Tell customers about new menus, upcoming events and current promotions. Advertise your business or sell ads on the connection landing page.

Gather your own customer base, analyze how often they visit you, how much time they spend and how much income it brings you.

Develop social networks by redirecting guests to them after connecting to WiFi, gather an audience of real customers for retargeting on social networks and the Internet by installing Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager on the WiFi connection page.

Increase the level of service by offering to fill out a questionnaires, set up automatic sending of questionnaires after a certain time while they are in the institution, or after a certain number of visits.

All this and much more for $ 19 per month. More about Surge Social tariffs HERE.


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