Myśl na dużą skalę dzięki małej technologii!

Think Big with small tech!

As a small business, it almost seems impossible to compete with big business. They have bigger budgets and more staff to do everything you need to do in business. But, thanks to technology, you are able to level the playing field.

One form of technology you will see all the big businesses using is WiFi marketing. I am sure you have seen it in McDonalds, KFC or even at the shopping mall. They all have it in various forms. But they all use it for the same purpose. Big Data!

These days, guests and clients expect to have WiFi available when they are in a retail store or getting something to eat. So why should you give it away for free when you can make it work for you and your business?

So, what is WiFi marketing and what can it do for you?

WiFi marketing can be as simple as collecting contact details of clients and guests, so you can create a client database. Or it can be as complex as feeding push messages to clients while they are onsite to promote special products or services.

Surge Social is a WiFi marketing platform that has been developed with small businesses in mind. It is easy to use with simple and customizable landing pages, detailed analytics and easy to use marketing tools. With Surge Social, you are able to create a detailed database of clients as well!

Not only is Surge Social easy to use, it integrates with some of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet! Use the simple integrations with Zapier or Mail Chimp to create effective marketing strategies that will allow you to compete with the big guys!

Also, Surge Social WiFi marketing will allow you to improve your client or guest experience with easy reconnection and welcome back message, redirection to menus or current promotions as well as providing a secure connection to WiFi, while being fully GDPR compliant.

As you can see, using Surge Social WiFi, you are able to use small tech to compete with the big guys! Get in touch today to find out how, Surge Social can help your business grow!

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