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Social Media Marketing and the Restaurant industry

Of all the industries that use Social Media Marketing, the Restaurant industry seems to be tailormade for it!

Some of the main reasons are:

  • It requires interaction with your biggest fans
  • It is highly visual
  • It is closely connected with the importance of reviews and personal opinion
  • It is short, bite sized content that can be easily understood, and
  • You can create targeted advertising quite easily

Put simply, if you are running a Restaurant and not investing in Social Media advertising, you are missing out.

When we take a look at Data Portal’s report for Poland at the start of 2022 as an example, we can clearly see the importance of social media in people’s lives.

  1. Facebook users equate to 53.7% of the eligible advertising population
  2. YouTube users equate to 82.8% of the total population
  3. Instagram users equate to 32.6% of the eligible advertising population
  4. TikTok users equate to 24.9% of the population above the age of 18
  5. LinkedIn users equate to 14.9% of the eligible advertising population
  6. 72% of internet users state they use the internet to find information about something
  7. 61.2% research brands, products or services
  8. 37% of users, use social networks to search for products and brands
  9. On average users spend 1 hour and 49 minutes per day on social media
  10. 28.8% of social media users are looking for new places or products when they use social media
  11. 19% of users follow restaurants, chefs and foodies
  12. 18 clicks are the average number of Facebook ads clicked on by users each month
  13. 0.08% of Facebook posts receive engagement by users on average
  14. YouTube advertising reaches 77% of the population
  15. 34.1% of online users, use review websites to discover new brands, products or services
  16. Only 17.9% use social media reviews to discover new brands, products or services
  17. $307.8 million was spent on social media advertising last year which is 21.3% of total advertising spend

Furthermore, each platform has many different variances when it comes to users. Such as sex, average age, socioeconomic status and so on.

With that being said, not all social media advertising is successful. Many common complaints we hear include:


  • We didn’t have any success when we paid for advertising
  • It costs too much
  • It is difficult to identify our target market
  • It is hard to see how successful social media marketing is

One of the key factors to paid social media marketing is identifying your target market. Simply selecting a geo-location and age group is not enough. Excuse my language here, but it is like “throwing shit at a blanket” and hoping some of it sticks.

The best way for any business to identify their target market is to look at their existing client base. This can be done in many ways, including simply asking some simple questions to your clients or using demographics of website visitors. Getting information about visitors to your website is done by using things like Meta Pixel and Google Tags.

Now wouldn’t it be great to be able to use Meta Pixel and Google Tags with your physical clients? Now you can! With Wi-Fi Marketing, every guest that connects to your Wi-Fi, is automatically connected to your Meta Pixel and Google Tags for targeted social media advertising. 

Surge Social is an affordable and easy to use Guest Wi-Fi platform that will connect your guests with Meta Pixel and Google Tags, so you can create targeted advertising campaigns and get the highest returns on your advertising dollar!

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