How to use the Facebook (Meta) Pixel and other tracking codes.

If you have a social network and do targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, or plan to do so in the future (even if you don’t, maybe you will), be sure to install the Facebook (Meta) Pixel on your WiFi connection page.

It is a very powerful business tool in the hospitality industry today.

What for?

Have you ever come across that after visiting a website you keep coming across its ads on social networks?

One of the greatest benefits of social media advertising is the ability to test, track, refine and target your ads with laser precision. The Facebook pixel is a data-gathering tool that helps make the most of your ads across Facebook and Instagram.

This is the work of a pixel!

The Facebook pixel creates personalized audiences for your targeted advertising. You will want to tell about new items on the menu, new services or a changes in the work schedule on your social networks. Who will be most interested in this information? To your real visitors, right?
If you need to attract new visitors to your business or to your pages on social networks by advertising yourself in social networks. It is most likely to interest people who are as similar as possible to your regular guests.

How does a pixel work?

The Facebook pixel works by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they interact with your business both on and off of Facebook and Instagram.

Information about full functionality on the official website: Pixel Facebook

We will explain how the pixel works with our platform.
The Facebook Pixel records each visitor when they try to connect to your WiFi and when your guest logs in.

You get 2 different audiences from your real guests:

Page view – anyone who tried to connect, that is, went to the connection page after seeing your open WiFi .

WiFilogin – those who have registered. You can see them in your contacts tab on our portal https://portal.surgesocial.com/.

Using the collected information, you will be able to:

Create an audience of users. Reach people who were directly in your WiFi zone and opened the connection page or registered on the network.

Create a similar audience. Reach people who may be interested in your business and who are similar to your existing customers using information pixels.

How to create a pixel and add it to the Surge Social platform

If you have several sources from which you would like to collect information (several businesses with a working Surge Social platform, or a website), you create a pixel through Busines Manager, instructions: clik
If you want to create a Facebook pixel using your personal account, the instruction: clik
In the case of Surge Social, your site will be the WiFi connection page.

After creating the pixel, go to the settings tab and copy the ID of your pixel:


To add a Facebook Pixel to our platform, send us the pixel ID by mail or convenient messenger to any of the contacts:

We’ll add the pixel to your login page within a day. Make sure it is set in the edit menu of the connection page. Go to the tab Advansed – Other, in the window Facebook Pixel ID you will see the pixel added.


Also under the window Facebook Pixel ID there is a window for adding Google Tag Manager GMT-XXXXXX.  You can add GTM yourself in the form of code GTM-ХХХХХХ,in the next field Paste your custom CSS override code here enter the code for the part.Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking Save Campain.


Other tracking codes

If you don’t use GTM or don’t know how to add other tracking codes to it, like  TikTok Pixel,

you have the option to add these codes separately to the Wi-Fi connection page.

Just add this code to the Paste your third-party tracking code here window.