How to integrate Tripadvisor

Customers that connect to your WiFi can be automatically sent a review email through TripAdvisor Review Express. 

1. Configure TripAdivsor settings

  • Ensure that you have a fully qualified TripAdvisor location that has opted in to the Review Express program. (TripAdvisor will not send Review Express emails without the explicit consent of each participating property)
  • Ensure that your Property has a Review Express campaign setup 
  • Locate the TripAdvisor Property ID. The TripAdvisor Property ID can be found in the URL for the property’s page on TripAdvisor.

The number immediately following the d (in this case “258705”) is TripAdvisor’s Property ID

Example: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60745-d258705-Reviews-Hotel_Commonwealth-Boston_Massachusetts.html

2. Email TripAdvisor Property ID to support@surgesocial.com to complete the integration.

3. Authorize Connectivity Partner
– Usually within 48 hours after we create the Integration, an Opt In Now button will appear when you log in to your TripAdvisor Review Express Dashboard

– Click on Settings tab and click Opt In Now button

3.  How to Integrate Tripadvisor

–  Select WiFi Networks as Connectivity Partner

3.  How to Integrate Tripadvisor

– Business must also have a Review Express campaign setup for the property

TripAdvisor- Quick Start Guide: Automated Review Express

TripAdvisor – Complete Review Express Guide

4. Select the TripAdvisor App when creating a TripAdvisor Review Express Automation!