How to Create or Edit a Campaign
(Login Page)

The Campaign is the WiFi login screen your customers will see.  Editing a Campaign allows you to brand your WiFi splash page, choose Login methods, and configure other options such as a redirect action, language options, or adding a local weather widget.

Name the Campaign and Change the General Layout

1. Click the Edit button above the Campaign preview

2. Add a name for your Campaign.  You can have multiple Campaigns saved at one time.  You can then choose certain Campaigns to show on specific days of the week or times of the year from the Settings menu.

3. On the Branding tab, we can change the general layout for the login page by using the +Modify Layout button

1. How to Create or Edit a Campaign (Login Page)

Change the title, upload a logo and a header

4. In the Text Options menu we can change the login title and the text color.

5. In the Logo and Header menus, we can add images by drag and drop or click and browse.  Adding multiple header images will create a carousel effect.

Suggested images sizes:

  • Logo: 100px x 100px
  • Header: minimum 175px height
1. How to Create or Edit a Campaign (Login Page)

Design the background and footer

6. In the background menu we can add another image or simply choose a color.  We can create a 2nd translucent layer as well.

  • Background: 600px width minimum

7. The Footer menu allows us to add another image and change the footer title and support text.

1. How to Create or Edit a Campaign (Login Page)

Choose how your guests can login and what they see afterwards

1. Use Login > Apps to choose which Login options are available for your guests

  • Select “SS – <social media name>” or you will need to create your own social media integration
  • Under Login > Styles, you can choose between longer buttons with text or app style buttons

2. Use the Thank You tab to customize the page guests will see after login

  • You can choose a Facebook Like Box, Custom Text, Image, and/or custom HTML code

3. Use the Redirect tab to set where guests will go after viewing the Thank You page

  • You can change the duration of the Thank You page or change to manual click through by sliding all the way to the left
  • You can choose between a URL, App Store link, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger conversation

Use the Advanced tab to enable other options

  • Language Settings – inserts a language drop down on the WiFi login page
  • Terms and Conditions – enter custom Terms and Conditions
  • Weather Widget – inserts a local weather widget on the WiFi login page
  • Compliance (for GDPR)
  • Facebook Pixel ID – place business Pixel ID to retarget guest with Facebook ads
  • Google Tag Manager – place ID for Google Tag Manager

Once complete, save your changes with the blue Save button!  Now you’re ready to setup some automations.