How to Create Custom Facebook Login

These step-by-step instructions will enable you to create your own Facebook App to process Guest Social WiFi Logins.

  1. Log into Facebook, then open a new tab and go to https://developer.facebook.com
  2. Click Get Started/ MyApps (Get Started will only appear if this is your first App)
  3. Click Create App in the popup window
    1. Name your App
    2. Verify your contact email address
    3. Click Create App ID
    4. Complete Security Checks
  4. In the main page, under Add a Product, look for Facebook Login, and click on Set Up
7.  How to Create Custom Facebook Login
  1. Ignore the “Quickstart” options selections, and instead click Settings > Basic in the left menu
  2. Under App Domains, add https://wifi.surgesocial.com
  3. Under Privacy Policy URL, enter your website URL or you can use ours: https://surgesocial.com/privacy-policy
  4. In the Category drop down menu, select Business and Pages
  5. In the Business Use below the app icon, select Support my own business
  6. Add an App Icon logo to brand your Facebook Login
  7. If you have a website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on +Add Platform > Website (EU customers will need to follow GDPR requirements)
  8. Click Save Changes
7.  How to Create Custom Facebook Login
  1. In the Left Menu, click on Facebook Login, and click on Settings that appears
  2. In Valid OAuth Redirect URIs, enter https://wifi.surgesocial.com and click Save Changes
7.  How to Create Custom Facebook Login
  1. Revisit Settings > Basic and confirm details. Then next to In development on top of the screen, toggle your App to Live
  2. Below on the Settings > Basic page, reveal your App Secret by clicking Show.  Copy your App ID and App Secret and email them to support@surgesocial.com
7.  How to Create Custom Facebook Login

We will implement the login and connect it to your current Campaign!