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Do You Offer Guest WiFi to Your Clients?

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In our world of mobile phones and internet on demand, customers have come to expect WiFi at every shop, bar, restaurant, or hotel they frequent. But if you’re going to offer Free WiFi, isn’t it only reasonable to ask for something in return? What if your WiFi service could forge a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customers?

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Why is it profitable to work with us?

Collecting contacts is just a drop in the ocean of what we really can provide you with. Too many clients or not enough time to keep in touch with them? Surge Social will do this for you automatically and for a small fee.

Drag and Drop

Utilize our drag and drop WiFi splash page editor to create a unique and fully branded experience for your customers

Social Media

Provide your customers with simple login options using their favorite social media accounts, emails, or phone numbers

Data Analytics

Collect valuable marketing data like age ranges, gender, device type, and more

Store Safe

Protect yourself legally with a separate guest network and liability agreements, including GDPR compliance

Easy to Access

Customers devices are remembered for quick and easy access on return visits

Instant Redirections

After connection to your WiFi, you can simply redirect clients to your Mobile App , Menu, Social Media channels and more!

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Restaurants & Cafes

We help restaurants and cafe to create loyalty, provide data to research, analytics, and assist in gaining a better understanding of your ideal customer profile. Surge Social is an ultimate tool to build stronger relationships with your clients by developing strategies to communicate in a more personalized way.

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Shopping Malls

Using Surge Social gives you a competitive advantage of analyzing your client behavior and preferences.  By capturing their personal data, you can more effectively engage your customers with personalized campaigns.

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Increase your profit by turning your first time guests into loyal customers. By knowing who your customers really are in terms of demographics, interests and purpose of visiting your establishment, you are able not only to create an outstanding customer journey for current target, but also to enlarge potential audience.

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Health & Sport Centers

Learn exactly how many people visit your establishment within  particular time frames. Surge Social platform also allows you to display relevant ads, customized coupons, as well as growing your Social Media audience.

Empower Your Customer Engagement

Within 3 Simple Steps
1. Unpack the box
  • Remove the Surge Social WiFi router
  • Connect the clear stand to the bottom or side of router

2. Plug in cables
  • Connect Ethernet cable from Surge Social WiFi router port 1 to your existing internet modem
  • Plug in Surge Social WiFi router power cord and wait 1-2 minutes for router to boot and link to portal.  Hardware is now installed!
3. Log in to portal
  • Log in to portal surgesocial.com with username and password sent to your email address
  • Customize your WiFi Campaigns, Integrations, and Automation Settings (see Knowledge Base for detailed Instructions)
How important are repeat customers?

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any growing business. On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.* But how do you stay connected with your customers? How do you easily and reliably get their contact information?

What`s from it for you?
Plug-and-Play Setup

Social powered guest WiFi has never been easier. Our router is shipped pre-configured specifically for you. Simply plug the Surge Social router into your existing internet modem. 

Multiple Login Options

Easily configure which login methods to support. Integrate with social media logins or simply require a passcode to connect. Surge Social also supports options to monetize guest WiFi by charging for access.

Increase Your Reviews

Improve reputation management by sending automated review requests to WiFi users after they leave. Link directly to business Google Review page. Integration with TripAdvisor Review, Reputation Loop, and Get Five Stars.

Real-Time Analytics

Learn more about customers in your establishment. See statistical trends and individual user profiles. Identify loyal customers or abandoned customers and bring them back with rewards.

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CRM and email marketing tools at your fingertips

We natively integrate with your favorite providers to help save you time.

Examples of Wi-Fi connection pages

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My Cafe 9

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Ale Merry

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Restaurant Pasaka

* examples of connection pages do not collect contacts, but imitate the connection process

**all links are clickable

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