Story of a small café

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Julia owns a small café with great coffee and pastries available. Her business was doing ok, but she felt it could do better.

She noticed that there were certain times during the day she was very busy and then other times there was no one in her café. She thought to herself, if she can get people to come in during the quiet times, she would grow her business.

Julia had a loyalty program in place, but it was with loyalty cards which she would stamp with a small stamp every time a client bought a coffee. So, she decided to ask all of the clients who had loyalty cards if they would come in at different times, so she could fill her quiet times.

Most of them said they could not, because they got their coffees and pastries before work or during their breaks. So, this left Julia with the same problem. How to fill the quiet times during the day.

This seemed like a wall to Julia, she couldn’t workout how to fill these empty hours. Then, she decided to look into WiFi Marketing. She had experienced herself at her favourite restaurant. They would occasionally send her messages and emails about promotions and events, which she found useful for planning her social time.

Julia contacted Surge Social and told us about her current situation and what she wanted to achieve. We were able to help her develop an automated marketing strategy that encouraged existing clients to invite new clients to special events and to take advantage of special promotions for new clients.

With our help, over a period of 6 months, Julia was able to increase her profits by 30% and was able to fill the quiet times of the day with new clients. Now, Julia is coming to us with new ideas on how she has used Surge Social to improve her business and income.

Contact Surge Social today to see how we can help you grow your business through automated WiFi marketing.

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