Vzťahy robia vaše podnikanie jedinečným

No matter what your business is, relationships with your clients are your most valuable asset. Whether your business is a restaurant, beauty salon, retail store or a sports club, your clients will come back to you again and again as long as you maintain a good relationship with them.

A big challenge for many businesses is building those relationships. When a client is not physically at your business it is even more difficult. You can use social media and advertising in hope your clients will see it. When your clients do visit your business, you provide them great service and products at a fair price. But what more can you do?

One very successful form of relationship marketing is direct marketing. Direct marketing requires you to have a targeted list of contacts. It also requires a personal touch. It works best with an integrated approach and you are able to effectively track and analyze the outcome of your marketing efforts.

Direct marketing is one of the many tools that are incorporated into Surge Social’s Wi-Fi marketing platform. With our platform, you are able to effortlessly collect contact details including client’s names, phone numbers, email addresses and social media details. 

In addition to this, you are able to autonomously send them personalized messages or connect with them through social media. You can send them birthday wishes or invite them to your exclusive events. All the while, building a personal relationship with your clients.

To find out more about relationship marketing with Surge Social, call one of our Client Success Managers today and tell them you want to make great relationships with your clients to receive a 2 month free trial of our platform.

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