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Restaurant marketing story

In the heart of a bustling city, there was a small, family-owned restaurant named “La Bistro.” Despite its cozy ambiance and mouthwatering dishes, the restaurant struggled to attract customers, especially during the slow hours of the day. The owners, Maria and Antonio, knew they had to think outside the box to increase foot traffic and grow their business.

One day, while researching marketing strategies, Maria stumbled upon the concept of WiFi marketing with Surge Social. She learned that by offering free WiFi to customers, they could capture valuable customer data and use it to promote their business. Excited by the possibilities, Maria proposed the idea to Antonio.

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Together, they installed Surge Social’s Guest WiFi and created a custom landing page that greeted customers upon connecting to the network. The page featured mouthwatering photos of the restaurant’s most popular dishes and a call-to-action that prompted customers to sign up for the restaurant’s newsletter. In exchange for their email address, customers would receive a coupon for a discount on their next visit.


The couple was thrilled with the results. In just a few weeks, their email list had grown substantially, and they began sending out weekly newsletters featuring new menu items, promotions, and updates about the restaurant. They also used the email list to send out personalized birthday messages to customers, along with special discounts for their special day.


But Maria and Antonio didn’t stop there. They knew that to keep customers coming back, they needed to offer an exceptional dining experience. They used the data collected from Surge Social to personalize the dining experience for their customers. They created special promotions for customers who had visited the restaurant multiple times, and even customized the menu to include dishes that had proven to be popular with their regulars.

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